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This Dashboard is intended to be a tool for getting an overview of data changes between different versions of the Manifeso Project's Dataset - including content that was added, removed or changed in an update.

Select two Dataset versions using the drop-boxes on the left, and check each tab to see information about types of changes. Most of the data shown will be filtered to only display changes that occurred between the versions selected. On some tabs, you have the option to filter results by country, party and date.

Note that this dashboard only compares the main data set, and does not include the South America entries.

Please keep in mind that each data set is quite large, and it is computationally intensive to compare them - this means some comparisons might take a minute or so.

Summary of Version Statistics

A summary of the additions made between the versions selected.

The figures in the table represent the number of unique values in the data set. For example, the number of parties listed for each version is the number of unique party IDs in that version of the data set.

** This number represents the number of rows in the dataset (each representing a manifesto). Since some errors may have been corrected between versions, the difference of the numbers between two different versions may not equal the number of new manifestos added between those versions.

Elections & Parties



By Election


This shows all the manifestos that were added between the publication of the two versions selected, grouped by election.

This is a list of the manifestos that were added between the publication of the two versions selected.

Moved Elections

In some infrequent cases the election dates in our database are not accurate - usually by a month or two - and this is corrected in an update. Due to the difficulties in automating the process of scanning for these changes, the data displayed below has been compiled by hand.

Changes to Code Percentages

This page shows the results of an automated comparison between the percentages of category codes in each manifesto. It is intended to allow a quick check to identify significant changes to this data between versions.

In the 2014a update, these percentage figures were rounded from six decimal places to three. In order to limit to significant changes for the purposes of this comparison, all percentages are rounded to one decimal place before comparison, so results should ignore the rounding event from the 2014a update.

Detailed changes to party information

This page shows the results of an automated comparison between the main Dataset tables of the two versions Selected. These tables contain information about a single coded document per row.

You can change the Dataset versions being compared or filter the table using the controls on the left, or search for text using the search bar below.

Upload custom Dataset

Here you can upload a custom Dataset, and add it to the list of selectable versions to be compared.

Accepted file types are CSV (.csv), SPSS (.sav) and DTA/STATA (.dta).

If your file is in Excel format, please save it to a CSV before uploading.