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Manifesto Project Corpus Version Dashboard

This Dashboard is intended to be simple interface for looking at changes between different versions of the Manifeso Project's corpus. In general this includes changes to the manifesto documents, both the addition of new documents and changes to the text of those already included in the corpus.

Select two corpus versions using the slider above, and then click on each tab to display different information about any changes.

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Overview of statistics for all versions of the corpus

Shown is the total available number of digitally available original documents, machine-readable manifestos and machine-readable manifestos with annotations

Interval between selected versions is highlighted.

Note that this indicates the total number of documents in the corpus with each of these properties - and they are not mutually exlusive. For example, any annotated document is also machine-readable (see glossary of terms for more information).

Summary of differences between selected versions

Note that in general, the manifestos counted as annotated will also be counted as machine-readable.



Machine-readable manifestos:

Annotated manifestos:

Original documents available:

Documents Edited:

Country Profile:


Manifestos that were added or removed between selected versions

Manifestos that have had text edited between selected versions

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Changes to the document between versions

Please note that this is intended to give an overview, and there may be documents which have been edited in some way but do not appear here. Examine the files directly for more information.

Machine-readable manifesto

This refers to a manifesto which has been analysed and broken into quasi-sentences, each of which has been assigned a policy category, though quasi-sentence-specific information is not necessarily available (see Annotated manifesto ). The text of the manifesto is available for download. These were generally analysed and coded prior to 2009, when the process was overhauled and digitalised.

Annotated manifesto

A machine-readable manifesto that has quasi-sentence-specific information. This means that breaks between quasi-sentences are available, and a policy code is assigned to each quasi-sentence. These were generally analysed and coded subsequent to 2009, when the process was overhauled and digitalised.

Original Document

This means that the original document that was coded (usually a party manifesto) is available digitally, usually as a PDF.